The Flash season 5 episode 10 sneak peek: Barry versus … a car?

The FlashWe’re not entirely sure whether or not The Flash season 5 episode 10 is going to be incredibly thrilling or incredibly cheesy, but we’re certainly excited to find out.

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Based on the sneak peek below, both outcomes could prove to be true as Barry and Nora are doing battle with one of their most-fearsome baddies this season: A car. Okay, this may not entirely be the case, but a car is clearly involved. It’s actually being controlled by Silver Ghost, a new villain who has the ability to control engines. She may be manipulating this car so that Barry can’t stop it — it has some super-speed of its own and also the ability to block people from getting too close.

So what exactly is the endgame here? Well, the synopsis teases that Silver Ghost will be teaming up with Weather Witch after she finds herself sprung from prison. Maybe the two together are going to go on some sort of crime spree, but these two don’t strike us as the sort of villains who are going to destroy Central City at the moment. The only reason why Weather Witch wanted to last time was because she was angry at her dad. They’re worth dealing with, but they are not the enormous threat that we’re getting via Cicada elsewhere. This character is the clear Big Bad and we know that there are some more brutal battles coming between the two parties.

Then, there’s also one other big thing that we have to expect within this episode: Whatever is coming up next in terms of Eobard Thawne. We’ve learned a little bit more about his relationship with Nora now and while we don’t think that the writers are going to drop a number of explosive reveals on us in the winter premiere, we do think that we’re going to be building towards something exciting here. Let’s just hope that we are at least building towards something big, whether it be Barry learning the truth about Eobard in the future or actually visiting that timeline himself in order to visit him. We still have so many questions in regards to how he is there in the first place, all things considered.

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