Is Susan Sarandon leaving Ray Donovan following season 6 finale?

Ray Donovan season 5 finaleThe Ray Donovan season 6 finale on Sunday night was packed full of all sorts of dramatic twists and turns, but in the end, we can safely say that it was entitled “The Dead” for a reason.

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In the midst of the deaths we saw in the fantastic montage at the end of the season, the most shocking one was that of Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon), whose body was hanged from the ceiling. It’s a dramatic end for a character who had been established as one of the series’ biggest power-brokers and we’re certainly left to wonder as to how things are going to progress forward from here.

There’s also one other question worth wondering for now: Who is responsible for Sam’s death? There’s been some ambiguity and debate on that subject since the finale set both Ray and Lena up as revenge-killers in their own way, but we think that Sam was Ray’s handiwork as revenge for everything that happened with Sam releasing the tape. He told her not to and she did it anyway; Ray wants nothing more than protect his family, so her putting Bridget in danger with this act is not something that he could ever stand for.

Losing Sarandon at this point is notable just because of A) her acting resume and B) the importance of Sam as a foil to Ray for the better part of the past two seasons. Yet, it felt clear from the time that tape got out there that this is where the series was going to be going moving into the future.

What else did we witness tonight?

We think that this is the beginning of a new chapter, one in which Bridget decided that she was going to be a little bit more like her father and one in which Ray has an opportunity to actually get some more of the help that he probably needs. Him just calling the therapist is a real start for him, especially since it’s not something that we think he would’ve ever done in a million years otherwise.

The important takeaway from the season 6 finale is that we’re close to a chance for Ray to start over. We could actually see a reinvention of him in season 7, much like we saw a reinvention of the setting in season 6. The ball is ultimately going to be in his court to figure this out.

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