Is a Vera season 10 possible on ITV? It sure seems like it…

Vera season 9 episode 1

Is there a good chance of a Vera season 10 happening on ITV down the road? Today marks the premiere of season 9, but it’s not too early to start looking ahead to the future of the show. This is a series that has been a beloved institution for quite some time, really to the point that in the event it ever were to end, we imagine that there would be a number of people out there who would miss it dearly. We certainly understand why, given that it does give you that perfect combination of great mysteries and then also interesting characters. What more could you really want from a show like this?

For the time being, it definitely does feel as though star Brenda Blethyn is interested in keeping the show going. Speaking in a new interview with What’s On TV, she had the following to jokingly say on the subject:

“I don’t think they’re looking at a final yet. If we keep going I’ll have to come out with a zimmer frame, or Vera could go round on a mobility scooter. She’d have to jack the Land Rover in though!”

If you were to ask us at the moment, we’d say with some confidence that Vera is going to be back for a season 10. After all, isn’t that such a great, round number? If you’re going to end the show, it at least makes some sense to either do it on a big, milestone number of just continue to do it until you decide you don’t want to anymore.

The appeal for doing Vera

We imagine that for many of the show’s cast members, it’s a pretty-perfect job in that you work for a good chunk of the year, but then have plenty of time to go off and work on a number of different projects before coming back to the show later. You’ve got a real opportunity to take on a number of different creative challenges in almost every episode, as well — think in terms of different guest stars, different settings, and also different crimes. We have a hard time imagining that Vera will be riding off into the sunset anytime soon, at least so long as the ratings continue to be what they are. We think that the show has a devoted audience and because of that, it’s hard to see them suddenly dropping.

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What do you think the chances are of a Vera season 10, and do you want to see the series continue to stick around for many more years to come? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: ITV.)

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