Ray Donovan season 6 finale debate: Could someone die?

Ray DonovanAs we inch closer to the Ray Donovan season 6 finale on Showtime this weekend, there is one question worth thinking about: Who could die?

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While we don’t think that it is necessarily imperative that the Showtime drama kill off someone else before season 6 comes to a close (remember, we’ve already seen the death of Mac), we do have to recognize this as a definite possibility. This is the sort of world where these things often happen and, beyond just that, it’s easily to envision scenarios in which a number of people could die. We technically think that almost anyone other than Ray is in at least some danger, but there are a few who are facing more trouble than others. Take a look at some of our top candidates below.

Mickey – We think you almost always have to put Jon Voight’s character on this list, mostly because he’s someone who constantly finds these weird ways to survive no matter what he’s running up against. We think that sooner or later, something is probably going to get him — and it may not be something that he expects. It almost has to be since he will be able to prepare for almost anything else.

Bridget – Being as though she just survived being captured, it would be especially cruel to kill the character off now. Yet, Ray Donovan is a show that can be cruel, and there have been many a consequence to Ray’s actions already. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Smitty – He’s found himself way more mixed up in the world than he probably should be, and we do wonder with him if this is a case of getting in far too deep, far too soon. It wouldn’t be a devastating death to Ray, but it would be one that shakes up the series.

Sam Winslow – She’s certainly another candidate worth thinking about just because she has so much power and with that, there are so many people who could be coming for her. Susan Sarandon’s been a great addition to this series, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they kill her off as a way to leave your jaw hanging on the ground.

In the end, we’re going to learn the truth shortly when Ray Donovan airs on Showtime … and then we have to endure the super-long break for season 7. At least we know it’s coming back for more … right?

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