The Blacklist season 6 episode 4 promo: Reddington hits the prison yard

The BlacklistAs we get ready for The Blacklist season 6 episode 4 on NBC Friday night, there’s a lot to be excited for. In particular, we’ve got a chance to see Raymond Reddington as we’ve never really seen him.

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We know Reddington to be a criminal mastermind, and we also certainly know that he’s got a network of ne’er-do-wells the likes of which you don’t often see. Yet, it’s different for him to wield power in the real world than in prison. There’s a different hierarchy here and so much of it is about physical and strategic intimidation. There’s less for Reddington to use to his advantage in terms of defenses — he has no Dembe, he has no weaponry, and he’s also short on resources.

Yet, Reddington is still Reddington and that’s something that is absolutely worth noting entering this episode. He’s not the sort of person who is ever going to feel like his back is completely up against the wall. We got a good example of this in the aftermath of Mr. Kaplan working to destroy his empire; he may have been down, but he certainly wasn’t out. This is precisely where the man is now, as well. He’s behind bars but somehow, he may find a way to make this situation work for him.

As a matter of fact, the biggest concern for Reddington right now may not have anything to do with his circumstance behind bars. There’s an interesting question to wonder here in regards to his condition. At the end of last night’s new episode, the conversation between Dembe and Liz seemed to suggest that Reddington had a very-specific use for Stark, the brilliant man who had developed a valuable cure. Is he sick? That’s certainly one way to look at things, and it certainly could raise the emotional stakes. Liz is keeping Reddington behind bars effectively because of what she did, but in doing so, he could be hurt in a way that she didn’t anticipate.

This episode is going to be fun — or, to quote Reddington himself, this is going to be a gas. We don’t want to see James Spader’s character in his current environment forever, but a big part of what makes this show fun is finding a way to constantly mix things up and surprise us.

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