The Blacklist season 6 episode 3 review: Is Reddington sick?

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 3 brought us a notable new Blacklister in Spalding Stark a.k.a. The Pharmacist. It also did a good job of putting Raymond Reddington on the stand and forcing Harold Cooper into a tight spot.

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Let’s start things off here with the Blacklister of the week here — Stark is a visionary and a healer in the eyes of some. Yet, did one of his latest concoctions lead to a stream of death? That’s something that the FBI Task Force had to try and figure out. They had to determine whether or not Stark was truly a healer, and if he was, why things went so awry.

This is where Dr. Ethan Webb, a partner of Stark’s came into play. This is someone who played a valuable part in his creation of a valuable cure. Could it be someone who actually sabotaged Stark in the process? It could certainly be a chance to take the money for the cure all for himself.

Eventually, the Task Force found both Stark and Ethan and with that, got to the bottom of the truth. What was the point of all of this? Mostly, it was to show that sometimes your own allies are the ones who betray you — something that Reddington himself is very familiar with due to Liz.

There is another twist, but we’ll get to that at the end of the episode…

Reddington on the stand

This proved to be very much fascinating, given that James Spader’s character found himself facing an interesting choice in this hour — could he find a way to escape his predicament with the help of Cooper? He recognized that this man was one of the few people who could him out of his present super-tough position, mostly because Cooper was the sort of person who wouldn’t lie on the stand … or at least that was the case to a certain degree. Cooper did choose to stay tight-lipped on Reddington’s criminal activity as a part of the Task Force, and he did make it clear that he found Reddington’s actions to be extremely valuable.

What Reddington needed to do was try and prove the validity of a deal that nobody wanted to acknowledge. He represented himself in the case and it proved to be a pretty fascinating back-and-forth between himself and the prosecutor (Ken Leung, Lost). Because of his immunity agreement, it seemed as though he was actually going to be able to get out of jail.

Yet, another twist: Because of the gun that was in Reddington’s possession at the time of his arrest, and the fact that the serial number was scratched off, he may have been in violation of the agreement. The only thing that Reddington could do from here was to claim that he was unlawfully searched by his arresting officer and request another hearing — and that’s what he did. He will be going to prison, though, for the next two weeks in order to figure this out.

The final twist

Is Reddington sick from the same virus that Stark was doing research on? It is something that Dembe suggested in his conversation with him at the end of the episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was so much good content within this episode, whether it be what we saw with the Blacklister of the week and then also the layers of betrayal. In between Samar’s memory loss at the end of the episode and then Reddington’s possible sickness, it’s clear that the show is set to deliver a lot even beyond the prison storyline as this season progresses.

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