Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 12 review: Did Grace survive a car crash?

Hawaii Five-0If you’ve been reading CarterMatt for a while then you know how much we love a good Danny episode, especially since he’s not always in every single episode, so to say that we are excited about tonight’s installment of Hawaii Five-0 would be a major understatement.

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We have watched Grace grow up over the years and now she is becoming a young woman. With that comes a new whole set of new problems starting with the fact that Grace went to a party in a brand new car her step-dad bought her and then never came home for her curfew. Rachel goes to Danny’s place to tell him what’s happened and they do a trace on her phone to find her car crashed and Grace being transported to the hospital in critical condition. Not only is Grace in critical condition, but the girl that Grace was driving is also in critical condition her father is beyond angry.

There’s an open investigation into what’s happened with Grace since they’ve found that her car was speeding beyond anything even remotely reasonable and a tox-screen has been ordered. This doesn’t sound like the Grace we’ve been watching over the years, so what else could be going on? The tox-screen of course come back negative, but the car was going 80 miles an hour when Grace’s car went off the road, but Steve is finding evidence of another car at the scene that may have been the actual party responsible for this accident. When Steve find out who ran the girls off the road (an older creepy guy that was harassing Grace and her friend Katie at a restaurant) Steve takes him for a ride until he gets a confession.

After some time Danny and Rachel learn that Grace’s head injury is so bad that they are going to have to operate and Rachel and Danny bond together as parents as they deeply feel each other’s pain in a way that only a parent can feel. Once Grace comes out of surgery they get the news that she’s going to be okay and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. For such an intense episode that kicked us right in the heart, it was nice to see this episode end with a welcome home party for Grace filled with family, friends and food that looks so good that we need to immediately go into our kitchen and cook.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Even though it was painful to watch what Danny was going through with Grace, this was an incredible episode for Scott Cann as an actor. As much fun as it is to see Scott cracking jokes and having fun with Steve, it’s these episodes where Cann really shines. He embraced this heartbreaking material in a gripping way where we could not only feel his pain but his frustration as a father with Rachel and being in the dark with what’s going on with his kid. Seeing Rachel and Danny reconnect by the end of the episode was a really nice moment and we hope that this whole situation will help open up their communication moving forward, especially with Grace going to college soon.

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