Grantchester season 4 episode 2 preview: Sidney’s memory loss, big decision

GrantchesterWant to know some of what’s coming on Grantchester season 4 episode 2 when the show returns to ITV in one week’s time? Let’s just say that for Sidney, we could be gearing up for one of his most important stories to date.

At this point, it is abundantly clear that series star James Norton is leaving at some point — that news has been out there for many weeks. With that in mind, the question evolves and becomes a little bit more about when it’s going to happen. In theory, we could see the character taking off at some point halfway through this season, given that there is a new vicar the series is planning to debut and they may want to also give that character some time.

Based on the early details that are out there about Grantchester season 4 episode 2, it does at least feel possible that this could be the hour that sends Sidney off. There is no verification as of yet, but it seems as though the character is going to be encroaching on some circumstances that could leave him very much in danger.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official synopsis with some more information as to what lies ahead:

With Violet gone, Sidney loses himself in drink. He wakes on the vicarage couch after a seriously heavy drinking session. It transpires that he was the last person to see a young woman alive but Sidney struggles to remember her final words. Mrs C and Leonard worry about his behaviour but Sidney shrugs off their concern. On his own, his smile fades – he feels wretched, lost and badly misses Violet.

As Sidney and Geordie look over the girl’s bruised body in the morgue, it’s clear Sidney remembers nothing. Curiously there’s a puncture wound on her neck like a vampire bite. Heading to the slum where she was found, they meet brassy Peggy, timid Lottie and mother hen Ava. The dead girl was Sadie, identified by the others as a seamstress – although Geordie suspects they are all prostitutes. The girls work for Mr. Simpson, who also owns their home, and, crucially, they saw nothing the night Sadie was killed. Sidney finds his jacket in amongst Sadie’s meagre belongings, along with a book of matches from ‘Patsy’s Club’.

Both men, in their own way, begin to help the group of downtrodden women find their voice and Sidney realises he has a huge decision to make that will affect the lives of everyone he loves.

That final paragraph has to give you a sense that Sidney could leave in order to find a way to help more people elsewhere. Given what we’ve seen of this character so far, it does feel as though a fresh start elsewhere could be good for him. No matter where he is though, we think that trying to help people will be at the forefront of his mind. This is who this man is and we don’t see that changing in the near future.

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