Top Chef: Kentucky episode 6 review: Is Last Chance Winner gone already?

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Tonight, Top Chef: Kentucky episode 6 featured the winner of Last Chance Kitchen — yet, by the end of the episode, we actually wondered if this person was going right back out of the competition so soon after coming in.

Before we get to that, can we stop to give Brother Luck a little bit of credit? What he did here was rather outstanding, surviving on the web series long enough to face off against Nini Nguyen and beat her in the end here. He’s the most successful Last Chance Kitchen star ever and her certainly deserved everything that came his way here.

Yet, the problem came from him in the Elimination Challenge, which was all about trying to create the perfect cocktail-inspired dish for a prohibition-themed party. This was a cool challenge in theory, since it allowed the chefs a chance to be creative and have a little bit of fun conceptualizing these cocktails. The irony here for Brother is that he went home last season by straying too far from the idea of the challenge, and then he did that again here. He didn’t actually capture what he was supposed to … and he got sent home again.

We feel in a lot of ways for Brother, who came into the competition seemingly after a ton of Last Chance Kitchen battles that were probably filmed in a super-short period of time and he was probably exhausted. He was just in a tight spot this season with a bunch of competitive people who really didn’t want him there (understandably, they want someone from their season to win), and that caused him to be out the door again.

Now, Brother finds himself again in the running at Last Chance Kitchen, and while we do think that he’ll still fight there, it seems as though he’s got a sense of peace now about his time on the show. He’s been in the main competition twice now and basically made the same mistake.

As for the winner tonight…

Eric did a wonderful job replicating the cocktail into a tasty bite of food, something that really spoke to not just the cocktail but also the flavors you would picture with it. There were actually a lot of strong performances tonight, but there was just a lot of variation. There were some people who hit this out of the park and then others who struggled mightily.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a strange episode of Top Chef, but beyond a doubt it was certainly a memorable one. Brother will be remembered perhaps even more than he was because of what we saw tonight, but we are certainly rather curious to see what his performance looks like when he actually does get back to Last Chance Kitchen one more time — his third time there.

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