Chicago Med season 4 episode 10 review: Is Will back? Ava’s secret

Chicago MedChicago Med season 4 episode 10 kicked off the second half of the season with some creative flourishes, and some happiness that proved to be temporary.

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Take, for example, the state of Will and Natalie. After everything that they had went through, Natalie was happy just to have her fiance back after he was in protective custody in Arizona. He was safe now, and that mattered to her more than any secret that he was forced to keep by the FBI. This was a pretty adult decision for her to make; sure, she was upset at him over the situation, but she was happy that he was back and ready to move forward … at least until she realized that he had a gun.

Natalie was warned a little bit earlier on in the episode that sometimes, people have a hard time re-adjusting to normal life after going through something similar to what Will went through. He’s not a cop and with that, he’s not used to someone having a gun pointed at his head. At some point between him being taken away and reuniting with Natalie he purchased a firearm for protection; the moment she saw that, she wasn’t having it and she forced Will to leave.

The question that you have to wonder now is this: Can the two find a way to get past this? It’s a pretty difficult situation for them to be in given that Will probably thinks that he needs the gun in order to feel safe, whereas Natalie looks at it more as a symbol of fear and destruction. Earlier that episode, a shooting outside the hospital left April wounded. Meanwhile, for most of the episode we saw the staff at Chicago Med have to treat the shooter, a vengeful member of an incel group who hated all women after feeling like nobody wanted him. He specifically attacked the nursing staff because of a nurse named Monique turning him down. April was simply caught in the crossfire.

At the hospital, the treatment of this shooter ended up causing problems of its own for some of the staff. April felt like Ethan was working too hard to keep him at the hospital when, in reality, he was just working in order to fulfill his duties as a doctor and try to save his life. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles and Elsa, who he was monitoring closely as she continued her training, got into it over trying to treat him. Elsa thought of him, understandably, as a misogynist and a violent man who was destined to hate her in perpetuity. Dr. Charles looked at this as an opportunity to understand his mind, but in the process also tried to diagnose some of what was going on with Elsa — that she is struggling with loneliness, depression, and pressure. She took that about as well as you could have imagined someone would when they are told that they are having some sort of problem.

Yet, this conflict between Elsa and Dr. Charles did open up a wound for the doctor himself: How happy is he really? He has his own loneliness to consider and think about, just as he has a habit to push people away from him whether it be potential romantic partners or even people like Dr. Reese, who he decided to withhold information from because he wanted to “protect” her for a time.

Connor throws a punch

Finally, it seems as though we’re closer to understanding the strangeness between Ava and Connor’s dad. According to the dad, Ava slept with him in order to ensure that he donated the money for the hybrid OR in the ED. It’s something that he dangled over her when he saw her at the gala at the end of the episode, not that this should be much of a surprise since Ava tried as hard as she could to avoid attending. She also suggested to Connor after the fact that it was false when she told him about the encounter … which led to Connor going over to his dad and punching him in the face.

What’s going to happen here? That’s still something that we have to figure out, but we certainly do have a feeling that this saga is far from over. The romantic complications will probably be made even crazier by Robin’s return later this season — even if she has zero romantic interest in him, there is history there and that does mean something.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would consider Chicago Med season 4 episode 10 to be a fascinating exercise in how one experience can change people (Will) and then also how a single interaction (Dr. Charles) can cause someone to look at their future a little bit differently. While the cases this week were important, it is the personal interactions that stick with us and largely define the future.

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