Manifest Season 1 episode 10 review: Give up and Refocus

ManifestOne thing is for certain on NBC’s¬†Manifest and that’s that it won’t be easy for any character. The spring premiere opened with a punch and every character was put to the test.

Following NSA Robert Vance’s death and Jared’s near-death experience, the mystery of Flight 828 is even more mysterious. For Ben, figuring out what happened to him and the rest of the passengers is all he has left. His determination to figure the mystery out to protect his family led him to discover that the person in charge of kidnapping a select amount of passengers and performing experiments on them is a woman calling herself “the Major”. When Ben’s search turns into restricted territory, he convinces Vance’s partner to help him and joins forces with a young journalist searching for the truth. However, all of this comes at a price. Olive can’t seem to leave Danny in the past and invites him to the house for dinner believing that he is what her mother needs to be happy. Only Ben comes back at Cal’s request and when he finds Danny in his house, he’s hurt, especially when Grace announces she doesn’t know what she wants. Deeply affected Ben leaves holding back tears until he is in the safety of his car.

Watching Ben finally let out his emotions about his family and home situation was probably one of the series’ most heartbreaking moments. Up until now, Ben hasn’t let his emotions show. He has fought to keep his family together, but watching him cry alone and defeated in his car told us everything we needed to know. By letting Danny stay and eat with his family, he was choosing to give them up in order for them to be happy as he realized that his disappearance changed Olive and Grace’s lives. We could tell it was the hardest decision he has ever made and he only chose it to protect his family.

For Michaela, Jared’s near-death experience affected her to a point where she realized that living without Jared was a world she never wanted to live in. So in order to forget about it, she shifted her focus to the plane and identifying the wife of one of the passengers taken for experimenting. However, Jared wanted to help her as his experience made him come to terms with the fact that he has always loved Michaela and always will. Finally, the two gave in to their feelings for one another and slept together. While it was a moment we have been waiting for, it was also a moment that will forever change them. Jared feels torn between what he wants and what he has after we saw him standing in the doorway watching his wife sleep. From here on out, the pair will have to make a decision and honestly the journey we will take with them is going to be one hell of a ride.

In the end, one thing became even more clear: Cal is at the center of the whole thing and so is Michaela. Throughout the episode Michaela kept getting someone else’s calling and so was Cal. However, the two don’t know whose calling it is, but if the Major finds out they are connected to others, Cal and Michaela will only become the center of a science experiment instead of a supernatural phenomenon.

Overall, the episode catapulted us into the next phrase of this mystery. So who is the Major and what is her end goal? We don’t know but over the next several weeks we have a feeling this mystery will start to make more sense.

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This article was written by¬†Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: NBC.)

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