Andy Grammer sings National Anthem at National Championship Game

National ChampionshipTonight, the college football National Championship Game is airing on NBC, and there are plenty of headlines already about Andy Grammer. Why? The singer performed the National Anthem and of course with that comes a number of people with some very strong opinions all about it.

Of course, we do have to say from the start that this is one of the most-difficult gigs out there because a number of people are predisposed to hate what you do. After all, Twitter is the sort of mechanism where you often get more retweets for saying negative things than you do for offering up praise.

Alas, Grammer didn’t do himself a whole lot of favors with this performance as a whole. What did he do wrong? A lot of it started with enunciation. If you’re doing thing song, you have to be clear with what you are saying and doing. It’s hard to really know if he either didn’t know the lyrics to the song at times, or it just wasn’t clear what he was actually singing. It was also an arrangement with some bumps in the road.

Do we think that some people out there liked it? Probably, but there are plenty of others who didn’t for the vocals or the overall style of it. The overall consensus here though is pretty negative and we think that this is notable more so than anything else … at least at the moment.

Our feeling if you’re a performer in 2019…

Unless you¬†really¬†love the Anthem or you think that you’re a killer singer, why take this gig? It’s mostly an opportunity to be completely roasted on social media, especially if you’re someone who people wouldn’t automatically assume would be great at this sort of song.

We’ll see what the future holds in terms of some of the other National Anthem performers coming up. We’re going to have a big one in particular at the Super Bowl!

If you are so inclined, you can see a video of the performance at the bottom of this article.

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