America’s Got Talent: The Champions review: Susan Boyle, Sofie Dossi, more

Susan Boyle

Tonight, America’s Got Talent: The Champions is kicking off on NBC and with that, there’s a LOT of exciting stuff to be excited for. After all, we’ve got notable past winners plus also fantastic performers from a number of different editions of the show.

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As we’re going to do all season long, we’ve got our take on all of the acts below — updating live as it goes along!

Bianca Ryan – This was a fantastic way to start off the show. It was a stirring rendition of “Say Something” that was a really nice reminder of what she can do as a singer. Yet, there was something more to it here in a softness and vulnerability. She’s a different person than she was as a kid. While she was excellent, there’s no guarantee she advances.

The Clairvoyants – We’re pretty familiar at this point with the rhythm and style of these two at this point, but there is still something about their charisma and their delivery that by and large makes the act work for them. This was another great example of that given that from start to finish, they were compelling in this guessing game with the judges complete with a pre-taped reveal at the end.

Sara & Hero – This is an act that is all about fun. We’ve always liked the two of them together and they’re capable of so much content in terms of tricks and lighthearted humor in just a few minutes. We love dog acts and while we have a hard time thinking that the two of them are going to win, they light up the room whenever they are performing.

Uzeyer Novruzov – The man had one of the craziest accidents in all of live television — he is a ladder balancer who is exceptional at what he does, but this is legitimately dangerous and not something that we’d ever recommend to anyone. Consider this a little bit of redemption for him — there’s nobody else who can really do what he does.

Alex Magala – He’s a sword-swallower who has a tremendous ability to freak out the world with his act. This was pretty fantastic from start to finish from an entertainment standpoint and we’re pretty confident that nobody can do exactly what he does … but we also don’t think people aren’t going to vote this through.

Vicki Barbolak – She’s always been funny but, by and large, we’d say that this was one of her better routines. What we do wonder at the moment, though, is whether or not she could’ve had even stronger material if there was more time between seasons.

Justice Crew – They’ve gone from being a dance crew to pretty much a boy band. They’re very talented at what they do but, in all honesty, this felt more like a chance for them to sell records here and get their name out there in America more so than anything else.

Susan Boyle – By far, the most fascinating performer this season in that she is enormously successful. There was no reason for her to do this other than that she really wanted to. We do wish that she chose a different song than one she’s already done on AGT in “Wild Horses,” but there’s no denying her brilliance. She also got Mel B’s Golden Buzzer!

Sofie Dossi – She delivered something totally different from what happened with the bow-and-arrow — it was different from what she did the first time around and we appreciated that. We still wonder what a whole show about her would look like, but she’s fantastic.

Preacher Lawson – Hilarious. We knew that he was a funny comedian but this may be one of the best routines that he’s ever done on this show. He managed to tackle race in a way that really brought everyone together in a funny, ridiculous manner.

The results

The top three acts tonight were Preacher, Bianca, and Sofie — it’s hard to really argue with any of these choices based on what we saw tonight. Personally, we would’ve went for Preacher just because he delivered one of the best comedy routines we’ve seen.

In the end, though, Preacher is joining Bianca in the finals! It’s an honor that is very much deserved.

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