Oscars 2019: Kevin Hart (still) not hosting, despite Ellen push

Oscars -While it appeared possible a couple of days ago that Kevin Hart could come back and be the Oscars host, after all, it now appears as though this isn’t going to happen.

According to a new report coming in now via Deadline, Hart has passed on hosting the ceremony yet again — there was not 100% verification that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science would have welcomed him back, but there at least seemed to be an indication or two that it was possible. So why isn’t it happening? Hart simply has decided that it isn’t worth the controversy for now.

Hart began to re-entertain the idea of going back after an interview with Ellen DeGeneres late last week, one in which the daytime talk-show titan pushed for him to consider going back and giving the Oscars another shot after initially stepping away. He made his decision on the heels of controversy over some homophobic tweets and messages; however, Ellen’s argument was that because he had apologized and was trying to be different and move forward, he was worthy of getting that chance and she even advocated for it with the Academy itself.

So where does the Oscars go from here? At the moment, all signs are suggesting that we could actually have a telecast coming without a host — crazy as that seems at the moment. It feels like that may be the better course of action does because it may be hard in order to secure the right host otherwise. For starters, there isn’t a heck of a lot of time in order to prepare. Beyond that, though, there is another issue here in that you may have a hard time finding a host who isn’t afraid of getting swallowed in this controversy or feeling as though they are the second, third, or even further down the list. We do think that this can be a valuable gig for the right person, it’s just hard when there are constantly so many critics waiting in the wings to tear you down at just about every turn.

The Oscars are going to be held later this winter on ABC, and we’re going to be very-much curious as to whether or not Hart ever gets involved in being a potential host again.

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