Ray Donovan season 6 episode 11 review: Did Bridget (or anyone else) die?

Bridget DonovanTonight, Ray Donovan season 6 episode 11 had a chance to deliver some big knockout punches entering the finale. Did they succeed in doing so? We like to think so, but they also did a great job of not delivering a monumental shocker in the process.

Let’s make one thing clear at the moment — we never wanted to see Bridget Donovan die this season. She’s far too important to Ray as a character, largely because she is really the only thing that he has left. She’s a stable presence for him, even if he doesn’t want her to know about everything in relation to his work, whether it be in the Mayor’s race, the police, his family, or anything else.

In some ways, it does make sense for Bridget to not know all of the finer details since she’s not going to be mixed up in this world. We don’t think that Ray wants to get her that involved, but he should still be doing enough in order to keep her safe. What he doesn’t quite realize at the moment is that Bridget’s boyfriend Smitty is in a spot where he’s getting way more involved in the business of killing people / working with dead bodies than he first imagined. He had to take a life himself in this episode, which is certainly not something that he anticipated doing coming in.

Unfortunately for Bridget, she’s really in a position where no matter where she turns, she’s going to have to deal with secrets, brutality, and so much worse.

Who did actually die in this episode

Say goodbye to Mac. It’s ironic in some ways given that Mac is the person really responsible for saving Ray at the start of the season; yet, he went to the point of no return and realized that the only thing that he could do for himself was to end his own life. Mac killing himself is important in the fabric of this show because it does serve as a mirror for Ray — something that Bridget does point out to him. This is his end; it almost was his end already. Now, Ray gets to realize further the impact that a death like this can really have. It’s a dark twist for this character, but it is all largely a byproduct of a lot of difficult decisions that Mac made to put himself in that position.

This episode was incredibly chilling and sets the stage for a big finale. We just wonder now if there are any more bodies could fall by the time the end credits for the season roll.

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