The Good Doctor season 2 episode 11 photo: Has Shaun recovered?

The Good DoctorLeading into The Good Doctor season 2 episode 11 on ABC, it was fairly clear that Dr. Shaun Murphy was not in an altogether-good place. How would you describe the place he was at?

The unfortunate thing for the St. Bonaventure Hospital is that it wasn’t exactly in a position where it could really handle him breaking down. Due to an airborne disease the ER went into quarantine and with that in mind, we’re really in an all-hands-on-deck sort of situation where the hospital needs just about every body and doctor that it can. After all, Dr. Lim’s life is on the line and Dr. Park has to be somewhat distracted due to his own son’s condition.

So is there a way that Shaun is going to be able to bounce back? Judging from the photo above (which is from the series’ January 14 return), there is a reason to have at least some confidence. He looks ready to scrub in on some sort of operation and has a little bit of a spring in his step. This is wonderful to hear, mostly because we feel pretty confident that he is going to have a valuable role to play in just about whatever happens for the rest of this episode. He may be able to turn the tide and help reduce the sense of crisis — if he doesn’t, the entire place could metaphorically collapse on itself.

The good news entering this episode is that it feels obvious that one way or another, the hospital is going to survive — after all, The Good Doctor would not have much of a show if the hospital goes under! The question that you probably have to wonder here instead is if there are going to be any long-lasting problems here for one of the characters. Even if Shaun and a few other characters make it out of this quarantine situation in one piece, that does not mean that others will. We do think that the writers are going to want to do something here to ensure that this story matters in the long-term — however they decide to do that, though, is entirely up to them.

What’s going on with Dr. Glassman?

We hope that we’ll get a chance to see him in some shape or form in this episode after learning that his cancer has come back. If not, though, rest assured that he will still have a role to play in the episode that follows. While his final fate is still unclear, we know that there is an emotional road ahead for him in the immediate future.

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