Manifest episode 10 sneak peek: A link among the rescued passengers

Manifest season 1What is coming up on Manifest episode 10 when it airs on NBC? Well, for starters, be prepared to see some surprises when it comes to the rescued passengers.

We know from the first half of the season that some of these passengers were subjected to some really terrible stuff, but but moving into this episode, it’s going to become clear that there are some unusual aftereffects to everything that they’ve all gone through. To be specific, the passengers are finding themselves jerking and reacting to their environment all at the same time — to use a line in the sneak peek below, they are acting as though they are “fingers in a light socket.” Their behavior is a mystery — and yes, we’re well aware that it is one of many mysteries and you can go ahead and add this to a rather-extensive list.

So what should the remaining passengers of Flight 828 do? Well, Saanvi and Fiona do their best to discuss this in the sneak peek and the final answer actually feels reasonably clear: Do their best to band together. After everything that is happening to these people, it does feel like the only way that they are going to be able to survive is if they can find a way to do this together. It’s strength in numbers, but of course forming those numbers is no easy feat. Heck, remember that we’re not even at a point right now where Ben and Cal are currently under the same roof all of the time.

There are two separate pulls at the core of Manifest entering the second half of the season. In one direction, you’ve got the pull of the show’s central mystery, and that is the one that is going to throw many of these characters into peril. You would think that many of these characters would want to focus on that, but then there is this one pull in their everyday life and the relationships that they have. They don’t want to discard one in order to focus on the other, but we think it’s already been shown that for many of these characters, their lives will never be the same. That’s why it is so understandable if they do want to just focus on their fellow survivors at this point and keeping themselves safe.

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