Blue Bloods season 9 episode 11 review: Jamie’s regret; Frank vs. an ambush

Blue Bloods season 9

Blue Bloods season 9 episode 11 could be more or less referred to as “the episode Jamie Reagan develops an attitude.” After all, this was where he decided that he wanted to flex some of his Sergeant muscles and try to prove that he didn’t necessarily need to just follow the path set by his father.

Yet, in the process of trying to prove himself, does anyone else feel as though Jamie took things just a little bit too far? That is the message that this episode seemed to try and get out there, especially since he wasn’t seeing the forest through the trees with Art. Because of the man’s past connections with Frank, he gave him a break that he probably should’ve have. Jamie’s decision to let the guy go led to him pulling a gun and being dangerous later and he was forced to live with regrets after the fact.

This story was mostly just about Jamie struggling to handle the rigors of the job and learning to be his own man.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the episode is that we got more of Anthony’s life outside the job than almost any other supporting character we’ve seen in some time. His ex Vivian and his daughter were in danger due to a dangerous psychiatric patient, so through much of the episode he struggled to figure out a way in which to keep his family safe. At first, he tried keeping them at his place; when it was starting to seem as though that was impossible, Erin then lent him a hand. Erin then got an up-close-and-personal look to their dynamic, which was certainly contentious. It’s fair to say that Anthony’s ex doesn’t appreciate him anywhere near enough.

Meanwhile, Frank tonight had to find a way to deal with a stunt that was pulled off by community activists intent on spreading their message. Was this stunt staged in advance, and was a young man really hurt by a car on the way out? These are questions that Frank and his surrounding team had to try and figure out. He was able to figure out the origination of the stunt, and that some people within it went a little bit further than they were supposed to.

Danny ended up actually helping his new neighbor — a guy from Texas who didn’t like him or want to trust him at first. Why? His daughter was getting close to Sean. Working together actually helped them to forge a better bond.

CarterMatt Verdict

Blue Bloods season 9 episode 11 brought you an episode that actually did reach back to some other stories from the past — see Darnell Potter. Frank found himself a new challenger, Jamie found himself some regrets, and Danny found himself a friend who was very much different than any that he typically encounters.

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