MacGyver season 3 episode 11 review: Did Mike actually shoot Jack?

MacGyver season 3 episode 11MacGyver season 3 episode 11 tonight started off innocently enough, with Jack and Mac heading on a road trip to Las Vegas. Of course, it was probably at that point you first realized that something terrible was going to happen instead.

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Instead of getting to enjoy some drinks and a series of buffets, MacGyver and Jack’s past in Jakarta many years came back to haunt them. We saw through some flashbacks a complicated, difficult mission from so many years in the past, and due to some of the CIA measures of torture the two were able to discern that this was far from an ordinary capture. Whoever did this had an emotional ax to grind and had no problem pushing these two to the edge to get what he wanted.

More so than just the past, though, we were very worried about what was going on in the present. Mac and Jack’s captor did his absolute best in order to ensure that the two of them would not make it out of that room alive. “One lives, one dies.” That was the message that kept being reinforced here and as the episode went along, it started to feel more and more like that could be reality. Mac couldn’t find a suitable way of escaping and eventually, this room for torture injured Jack to such an extent that he wanted Mac to just kill him and put him out of his misery. That didn’t actually happen. Instead, Mac and Jack faked his death in order to ensure that they could escape.

The man who was behind this capture was Griggs, a man from Mac and Jack’s past, who just so happened to be played by Castle alum Seamus Dever! He was a dangerous man, and he made it clear that he did this because he felt like Mac and Jack abandoned him years ago. That wasn’t exactly the cast, but Griggs blamed the two of them for what happened to him way back when — including some subsequent torture that he endured. He ended up having to kill his best friend in order to ensure that he could survive, and he wanted to make Mac suffer the same fate.

Jack ended up shooting Griggs, and it does seem like he’s (technically) still alive. However, we think that Mac and Jack are probably locking him up somewhere after all of what they went through.

Bozer the fashion designer

Insofar as side plots go, we consider this one to be really fun. After all, Bozer, Leanna, and Riley went undercover in order to expose a terrorist — with fashion! Bozer played the part of a designer, who helped to create a long-enough diversion so that they could get some valuable information on a diamond — one that could lead to her arrest.

Along the way tonight, we also learned that Bozer and Leanna are going to move in together. Hooray! That’s a good sign that this character isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was an episode of MacGyver that did bring a lot of drama to the table, but in the midst of it also gave you some lighthearted comedy with Bozer that allowed the episode to have some balance. It was pretty action-packed and intense throughout; basically, it was the perfect way to kick off the year.

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