SWAT season 2 episode 11 discussion: The painful story of ‘School’

SWATTonight, SWAT season 2 episode 11 is bringing you an episode with a simple title: “School.” It may very well be one of the most painful, trying installments that we’ve seen the show tackle from the start.

At the center of this episode was a shooting — one that happened years in the past. It was a dark cloud that hovered over everyone that was there and while there were many who wanted to forget it, that simply was not possible for everyone. It was a bold move for the writers to even want to touch on this subject, given just how sensitive it is. You had to be real to the situation that happened years ago, while at the same time not do something that was gratuitous or too harsh for network TV.

Yet, there were still moments in the flashback that were incredibly difficult to watch, mostly because they showed the confusion and heartache that can come as a result of being in this particular situation in the moment. We moved from the past to the present to focus on a potential shooting — a threat that was sent to the mother of one of the shooters (who died many years ago). Within the present timeline, we saw Hondo and the rest of team doing what they could in order to track down the person they believed to be the shooter — a young man named Vince who was previously expelled from a school. After they found the origin of the gun, they then had to figure out the precise school he intended to attack.

Then, it became a race against time and an effort to prevent another terrible tragedy. The kids at the school were eventually moved to the gymnasium where they would be safe and then, in the aftermath of this, SWAT arrived just in time in order to ensure that nobody was hurt. Vince was taken down and arrested, and the day was saved this time. There were no students who lost their lives that day and that was something that the team could look on with Pride.

The importance of this episode

We do think that this episode is going to stir up a lot of difficult emotions in people because of the subject matter and, to go along with it, the way in which it was highlighted in the episode. This was a very boots-on-the-ground approach to the issue. It wasn’t so much about larger politics as it was the singular work that was done to prevent something horrible from happening.  We think the message at the heart of this episode speaks for itself — it’s about trying to stop a problem before it starts, and beyond that it was a look at how heroes operate in order to make sure that lives are saved in the hardest of circumstances.

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