The Bachelor video: DJ Catherine Argo’s dog meets Colton Underwood

Catherine ArgoWho is Catherine Argo on The Bachelor this season? Well, consider her someone who is going to make quite the impression right away. The sneak peek at the bottom of this article showcases her first interaction with Colton Underwood, and the results of it are a little bit awkward to say the least.

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This is far from the first time that we’ve seen a Bachelor contestant lean into pets for their limousine exit, and for anyone who does their research here it’s smart. Colton loves his dog and he’s going to connect immediately with anyone who is a dog-lover. Yet, there’s a bit of a difference between being a dog-lover and then loving your dog so much that you bring them to the taping — and then ask Colton to dog-sit for you through the entire competition!

We don’t know if this is an idea Catherine came up with herself or in collaboration with producers, but the idea of it is simply ludicrous. There’s no way that Colton is going to take care of this dog all season, let alone a single night. Also, think about things this way — if you love taking care of other people’s dogs, are you really going to be down with some sort of stranger coming up to you and telling you to take care of their four-legged friend? Aren’t you going to think that this is a little bit weird? Sure, this is the world of The Bachelor and almost everything qualifies as “a little bit weird,” but this somehow tips the weirdness scale to another level and we don’t know how exactly Colton plans on dealing with this other than sending her home early on.

Catherine makes a big splash with her greeting to Colton, but rest assured she is going to have an impact later on in the night, as well. Without giving too much away, she could end up being one of the most-talked-about contestants coming out of the premiere. It’s someone that a show like this really needs, mostly because when there are this many contestants at the start, you are inevitably going to have a few redshirts who are not altogether memorable and viewers will forget about them almost the moment after they turn up.

As for what else you need to know about Catherine, she is a DJ from Fort Lauderdale, Florida — basically, she’s used to putting on some sort of performance in front of a crowd. We’ll have to wait and see precisely if that’s what she wants to do here.

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