NCIS season 16 episode 11 video: Is someone firing Gibbs, entire team?

NCISAs we inch closer to NCIS season 16 episode 11 airing on CBS Tuesday night, there are several things worth wondering … especially in terms of the future of the team.

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In the new promo below, you can see Gibbs and a number of other agents seemingly ready to turn in their badges in the midst of an escalating conflict with the Secretary of Defense (played by Mitch Pileggi), a man who clearly has his own ideas as to how things should be run. He is probably going to do whatever he can to puff out his chest and showcase some of his influence to the team — we already know that he will be unhappy with one of NCIS’ latest investigations, which leads in turn to him demanding that Torres and McGee be arrested.

As you would imagine, Gibbs is not going to stand for that. Even if he doesn’t always get along every single second of the day with these two guys, he trusts them and knows that they are good at their job. This could be what prompts him and some other agents to (temporarily) turn in their badges in protest.

What’s going to happen as a result of all of this? Well, we wouldn’t be altogether surprised if the Secretary ends up having to either find replacement agents or come back groveling to Gibbs to get the old gang back together. Gibbs isn’t the sort of guy who is going to give in to someone’s demands so soon.

Is there anything more to worry about here?

Probably not, despite whatever sort of headlines that come out of this promo suggesting that one actor or another could end up leaving. There’s no actual evidence of any of that based on the news that is actually out there, and we think that this particular story is one that will just strengthen the camaraderie of the team as a whole. It’s not the sort of thing that is going to lead to them splintering off or some sort of mass exodus.

One way or another, we’re confident that this will sort itself out — for now, we’re happy to just be able to see a case that is all about Gibbs going head to head with a formidable opponent who should prove himself to be rather threatening when the dust settles.

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