Blindspot season 4 in 2019: What do we want to see next?

Blindspot season 4As we get closer to the return of Blindspot season 4 in 2019, what are some of the stories we could be seeing? In this article, we want to do our best in order to spotlight that!

Let’s kick things off here, though, with a reminder as to where things left off at the end of the first part of the season: With Remi and Weller on a literal collision course. Remi has shown that she will stop at nothing in order to create some chaos and to execute some of her plans; meanwhile, Weller in turn will stop at nothing in order to get Remi back. One way or another, we’re going to have a chance to see this conflict escalate … which of course brings us to our list.

Get Jane back – If there is one thing that is at the top of our priority list for 2019, it’s this — we gotta have a chance to see the Jane Doe we know and love back on the show! She’s such an enormous part of the Blindspot we know and love; while we didn’t want the writers to skimp on Remi, it feels like she’s had her proper due. Now, it should be time to dive back into Jane and explore a little bit of her story again.

Re-establish the Jeller relationship – Maybe it doesn’t happen right away, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a good arc for the two where they are together and taking on an external threat? It’d certainly be an interesting change from what we got in the first half.

More Patterson story – Of course, we’d love more of her past … or her present … or really anything, given that Patterson is one of the show’s best characters, especially if she and Rich Dotcom are in the same room together.

New Big Bad – As great as it’s been in order to get Shepherd back in the fold as of late, wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of new enemy that we haven’t had a chance to see so far? It’s always nice give characters a rather-unexpected threat to take on.

Some news on the show’s future – We do hope that there will be a season 5 at some point down the line, but if not, it would certainly be nice for everyone to know far enough in advance that they could plan a fitting end. Since there is such a strong relationship-based core to this show, we don’t want it to wrap up with some sort of cliffhanger where there aren’t any concrete answers as to Jane / Weller’s status or if the team has managed to save the world yet again.

Remember, Blindspot returns with new episodes on Friday, January 11.

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