The Good Doctor season 2 in 2019: What sort of stories should we get?

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4As we prepare to dive into The Good Doctor season 2 in 2019, what should we expect in terms of stories?

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One of the things that makes The Good Doctor worthwhile viewing is that while this is a medical drama, it doesn’t stick solely to the traditional form. You’ve got cutting-edge surgeries and difficult patients, but also a number of stories about social relationships, about healing, and about people really trying to find where they stand in the world. Shaun Murphy is the lens from which we view much of it, but we do also get some welcome deviations here and there.

Medical Cases – This is the series’ overall bread and butter and because of that, we don’t expect all that much of a change here. We want there to be more patients who do challenge the doctors in terms of their expertise, but beyond that help to further alter their worldview. We like patients who help Shaun be more open and accepting, or cause Morgan to think a little bit differently about her profession. We want patients that cause people to work together as they try to better their lives — there should be a natural progression there as the series goes along.

With Shaun and Lea – This relationship is obviously important, but it also doesn’t need to be rushed. Shaun is someone who requires a certain amount of patience, and while we do think that something in the long-term can work with these two, they still need more time to understand each other.

With Dr. Glassman – We don’t want to say it out loud, but we almost feel like we have to at this point — this could be the year where Dr. Glassman dies. The brain tumor is back and after going through so much to save him last time, it’s hard to imagine the same cycle all over again. It’s possible a miracle could happen, but we may need to see Shaun accept the idea that he may lose Aaron now in a way that he didn’t in season 1.

With other relationships – Of course, we do want to see what happens next with Dr. Melendez and Dr. Lim after they were together in the first part of “Quarantine” — provided, of course, that Dr. Lim survives. We also want to see Dr. Park form a better relationship with his son and for there to be a larger sense of camaraderie among the doctors as a whole. While they may all have individual goals, there is still a feeling that they are in this together.

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