The Orville season 2 premiere review: Kelly, Ed’s status; Bortus’ release


For a show that does often promote itself with comedy and space adventures, The Orville season 2 started off on a little more of a quiet note. You had Ed, sitting down at a bar with jazz music, reflecting on his life and romantic follies. Alara eventually joined him for a comforting chat, and then the tone of the show changed dramatically. We got a space adventure, but one that was certainly a strange one.

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Basically, in this episode Seth MacFarlane and the producers found a way to make a story about Bortus needed to urinate into something with meaning. When we first learned that he was embarking on what an annual tradition, one that involved relieving himself, it was easy to roll your eyes. Yet, there was something sweet here once we learned what the ceremony meant and how it actually represented something important: Cleansing yourself and preparing for the new year.

It also played an important role in what was happening with some other characters, as well. Take, for example, Kelly. She wanted to bring her new boyfriend (the teacher Cassius aboard the ship) to the ceremony, but that was something that Ed was uncomfortable with given that A) he still was in love with her and B) he still wanted to find a way to make something happen. She wasn’t into it on the same level.

What was somewhat interesting here was how this story ended up colliding with what was going on with Dr. Finn and her son Marcus. He was forming a friendship with a rebellious kid named James and getting into trouble … which was precisely what Kelly and her new boyfriend caught them doing when they were drinking in the simulator room. This led to Marcus being punished, and a back-and-forth between Dr. Finn and James’ parents over who was responsible. Isaac was the real MVP here, though, as he was able to offer up some proof that Marcus was guilty of pretty much nothing.

Meanwhile, Kelly eventually confronted Ed about his “drive-by” of her and Cassius together. They talked about her feelings and through that, it was clear that she still had some feelings for him. Yet, she didn’t seem to be distancing herself from her new beau, either … or at least it seemed that way until Cassius defended Ed’s drive-by. Ed ended up helping Cassius, but then that does raise another interesting question — was Kelly’s positive response for him, or just for what Ed told him to do?

Other matters of the heart – Tonight, we were introduced to Lt. Tyler, a dark matter cartographer who was excited to be on this sort of vessel. Gordon developed a romantic interest in her almost right away and wanted to ask her to the ceremony. The best part of this storyline was seeing Gordon try to operate in a dating simulation.

Meanwhile, Alara was set up tonight by Bortus with Dan, who originally she wasn’t interested in dating. Yet, she eventually realized that she was superficial and wanted to give him a shot. The problem here was still that he was far too sappy and clingy for someone she just met.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a really great premiere to what may be one of television’s most-underrated series. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments but more than that, we appreciate the show focusing mostly on interesting, human stories first and them comedy second. There’s something just relaxing and nostalgic about the show’s brand of space … even if the center of this episode was Bortus relieving himself.

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