CarterMatt Awards 2018: Supergirl’s Supercorp wins ‘Ship of the Year!

Ship of the YearWelcome to another results article for the 2018 CarterMatt Awards, with the focus here this time around being the category of ‘Ship of the Year!

For those reasonably unaware, the main question that we seek to answer with ‘Ship of the Year is simply this: What characters from the past year do you most want to see together? This is typically a really popular category year after year, since ‘ship fans tend to be some of the most passionate people out there. They are hungry for more content, especially since in many cases we are talking about characters that don’t get enough face-time around each other on the show.

Earlier this year, we had our annual ‘Shiptober tournament and the final result of that came down to two specific ‘ships — Omelia from Grey’s Anatomy and Supercorp from SupergirlBoth of these pairings had tremendous runs throughout the tournament and it made for an epic final showdown.

Ultimately, we cannot be surprised that ‘Ship of the Year ultimately came down to the same two ‘ships — but, in the end, it was Supercorp who took home the title. This marks the second straight victory for Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor in this category, and they have shown themselves to be one of the most-dominant ‘ships in all of the television world since Katie McGrath first arrived on the scene. They have an extremely large Twitter and Tumblr following, and we certainly hope that all of this attention does help the two characters have a little bit more screen time moving forward.

At the moment, there is no doubt in our mind that we’re set up for some really interesting stories for these characters, depending on how much Kara learns about what Lena has been up to. Beyond that, we think that Lena could need some of Kara’s help depending on what we end up seeing with the impending arrival of Lex Luthor on the series. Jon Cryer is coming on board the series at some point as this iconic character and we feel pretty confident that there could be some interesting material coming when it comes to him. We just hope that it lives up to some of our current expectations for it.

But, for now, massive congratulations to all fans of Supercorp on yet another impressive victory — you’ve earned this victory lap, and now we’ve got a chance to wait and see precisely what happens in the new year.

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What do you think about Supergirl and Supercorp winning the ‘Ship of the Year Award at the CarterMatt Awards this year? Share now in the attached comments, and stay tuned for even more Supergirl scoop moving forward.

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