Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10: Did Ray find Bridget?

Ray DonovanTonight, Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 offered you up a firecracker episode, one that pushed Ray in ways that he has never dealt with before. This is a man who has done a lot for the sake of his clients, but now, he has to do something solely for the sake of his daughter Bridget.

In the midst of the IA crisis that we’ve seen for most of the season these days, Bridget found herself captured and held hostage by Mac. He didn’t really want to do it, but he found himself in a spot where he had little choice. If he didn’t keep her, he would be putting his own life in danger — let alone those he cared about. This was self-preservation, though in the process he also caused Bridget some emotional turmoil whether it be via bringing up on memories of her own mother to striking her across the face.

For most of the episode, it did feel as though Ray was gearing up for an opportunity to actually see his daughter and save her — he even found himself making strange bedfellows once more with Mickey. As awful a person as Mickey is — and he is the worst — Ray recognized that he possessed a skill set that was essential to what he wanted here. He’s willing to do just about everything that he can in order to get his daughter back.

Unfortunately, the longer this saga goes, the more danger that she could be in. The “I’m sorry, but your princess is in another castle” of it all with this episode is some trouble for Ray — sure, it’s compelling viewing for us, provided that Bridget eventually gets out of this. Given that Ray’s already lost the other most-important woman in his life, we don’t exactly think that it’s great news for him that he ends up having one of the few other people in his life who can ground him in some danger.

What Sam Winslow is willing to do

We’ve gotten a good sense at the moment that she will do more or less everything that she possible can in the event that she can get the election under control and in her favor. She’s got the information over to a reporter now and the story’s getting published — we think that Ray would be a little bit more concerned about all of this in the event that there was time for him to do so. We just think that there are some larger priorities right now.

Yet, in the end, it does certainly feel like we’re gearing up for an insanely-interesting remainder of season 6 for Ray Donovan. This is a show that will be bringing you quite a bit more drama, and the stakes are higher personally for Ray than they have ever been.

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