Ink Master interview: Tiffer Wright talks third-place finish, desire to return

Tiffer WrightThere were a number of people entering the Ink Master season 11 finale earlier this week who felt confident that Tiffer Wright would be the winner; yet, through a surprise turn of events he was eliminated in third place. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that he may have been the season’s most creative tattooer, someone who went outside the box with ideas and could deliver in a wide array of different styles.

So would Tiffer could back and take another stab at the competition, and what frustrated him the most about his final placement? These are just two different topics that we take on in this particular exit interview.

CarterMatt – Are you surprised about how the finale concluded?

Tiffer – I am a little. However, I knew with the jury of peers being one of the votes into the top two that Teej was pretty much guaranteed a spot regardless of the tattoos. Thats what bummed me out the most.

You seemed to be pegged a favorite for a good part of the season. Did that add extra pressure to you?

All of the pressure I fell victim to was my own doing. I’ve always been hard on myself and expected the best. As far as pressure from another artist, or being a front runner most of the competition, no. Motocross has taught me not to fold under that kind of pressure.

Are you happy with the wide array of different tattoos you were able to bring to this season?

I’m pretty happy with most of them and the versatility I was able to show but would do a few things differently if I could do it over.

Is there anything about your final tattoos that you’d change in retrospect?

That tattoo was solid af and extremely smooth. It was wild and different and some people don’t get it and that’s fine. If I could do anything it would have been a double outline on the frame to bring some weight and some black into the red background.

What was your experience like working alongside Cleen?

Cleen is an amazing tattooer and despite what he might say, an amazing coach. I learned a lot from Cleen throughout this competition and am more grateful for that than almost anything else.

Do you have any interest in coming back to this competition down the line?

Right after the finale I would have said hell no, but now that I’ve had time to let it all soak in, yes I’d do it again, and I would come in guns blazin’!

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Were you rooting for Tiffer to win Ink Master season 11, and would you like to see him again at some point down the road? Be sure to share in the attached comments. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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