This Is Us season 3 in 2019: Our hopes for Kevin, Randall, Kate, and more

This Is Us season 3As we dive further into This Is Us season 3 in 2019, what do we want to see for some of the core characters? That is the focus of this particular piece!

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Based on where 2018 left off for some of these characters, there is no shortage of stories to explore, and we don’t think that it has to be limited to a particular timeline. That’s why we’re not limiting ourselves to one in this list, either.

Kevin – He just learned in the fall finale that there is no record of Nicky dying in Vietnam, so with this information in mind, he’s going to have to figure out where to go from here. Is he going to just chalk this up as a mistake at first? Maybe, but we do think eventually he’s going to start seeking him out. He may not actually be all that hard to find, largely due to the fact that nobody even thought to look for him before now. How could they, given that the prevailing wisdom was that the character is dead?

Kate – We want her to welcome her baby without any problem, but also beyond that, we want to see her continue to pursue some career goals for her so that she keeps pushing forward for something larger. We’re not sure how many Adele covers we’re going to hear from her in the near future, but there are some other things she can take on.

Randall – For him, it’s really just simple: Try to patch things up with Beth. It’s admirable what he tried to do with the election, but in the end, that seems reasonably inconsequential in contrast to his marriage. We’re very worried about, mostly because the flash-forwards into the future timeline are forcing us to think there is trouble on the horizon.

Jack – Give us the immediate aftermath of what happened in the fall finale. We need to understand precisely what he knew about Nicky’s “death,” and if he was fully aware that he was alive and out there, it would be nice to know why he kept it from everyone.

Rebecca – We think that in some ways, Rebecca’s story has the most potential because of the Nicky situation. There’s a chance that she could be totally blindsided by this information from a man she had a very specific memory of. Would she understand on some level why Jack would keep Nicky a secret? Maybe, depending on the reasoning for it. Still, all of this could prove to be a shock to the system.

Toby – How is he coping in the midst of his depression battle? We know that this isn’t something that he is going to wake up one day and conquer, and even though there could be some joy coming in the form of a baby, we do still need to understand some of the rollercoaster that he’s on.

Miguel and Zoe – While these two are series regulars, they are also relegated at times to the background. Zoe’s story has picked up somewhat as of late, but with these two in particular, our hope is simple: To get to see more of them!

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What do you want to see on This Is Us in 2019 for a number of the show’s characters? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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