Designated Survivor season 3 debate: How topical should it be?

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 2As we wait for Designated Survivor season 3 to premiere in 2019, there are definitely many questions worth asking — especially about its story. For this article, we’re going to be looking at the topical nature of the series.

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There is obviously no escaping the fact that we are living in a highly-politicized time; meanwhile, there’s also no escaping that Designated Survivor is a political series. It’s about the Presidency and it’s impossible to tell some of these stories without having some sort of inherent skew. You really have to touch on topical issues, whether they be fake news, international relations, a divided nation, or some of the individual issues that inform a lot of domestic policy.

Yet, we think that the goal for this show shouldn’t necessarily be just about reinforcing one particular set of ideals or stoking real-life political flames; instead, it’s a little bit more about some of the issues that impact all Americans and what some of the solutions are to these problems. We don’t think that this show wants to limit its potential audience too much by pushing away viewers on either side of the aisle; yet, it does also need to have a common belief system that it can fall back on. Some of those may fall in an individual party ideology, but it still needs to be open to other viewpoints.

What we’re trying to effectively say here is that there are a lot of different stories that we expect Designated Survivor season 3 to be taking on moving forward and, for the writers, framing them properly is going to be a challenge. It’s about removing some of the extreme politics from them and then also finding a way to establish some common ground. Of course, it’s also about humanizing some of the characters on this show that have clearly been through a lot.

Beyond all of this, the writers were certainly aware when they were putting season 3 together that it wouldn’t air until many months after the fact. Because of this, they couldn’t make the show super-specific since it’s hard to be able to predict what ideas are going to be in the news many months later. The themes should be both timely and familiar, but not also so individualized that they feel like yesterday’s news by the time Netflix puts the season on the air.

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