Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 9 photo: Meredith, DeLuca’s elevator chat

MerlucaAfter a long wait, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 9 is going to air on ABC come January 17, and with that of course comes a wide array of different problems.

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Do we think that the main focus of this episode is going to be trying to resolve the blackout that came about as a result of the windstorm? Absolutely, but there are some other issues that this show needs to take on as well. Of course, one of them is the love triangle that was established between DeLuca, Meredith, and Link at the end of the winter finale. It’s hard to see it being completely resolved in this one episode, but it does look to be a subject of discussion.

It’s clear that, at least at the moment, DeLuca may have the edge in the minds of many. For starters, he and Meredith are going to spend at least some of the episode trapped in an elevator together. Beyond just that, there’s more of a history here for fans to get on board with. There was the kiss at the end of last season, the dream at the start of this one, and also the general sentiment that Andrew is the Charlie Brown of this show. Anytime he has a love interest, the writers become Lucy and pull the football away from him. There are issues and obstacles the two would have to overcome, but who’s to say that they wouldn’t be able to figure those out?


As for what else we could be seeing with these characters, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the two characters, plus Link, are going to have some conversations together. This photo proves that, and Meredith is in the extremely-awkward position of being around two different men and knowing that each one of them has feelings for her.

The reason why we think that this is going to take some time to sort out is simply because there is still so much that we need to learn about both of these guys. With DeLuca, he has been a supporting character for a lot of his time on the show and he’s been seen largely as a compliment to other people, save for when his sister came on board. With Link, he’s still so new in general. It’s hard to make an accurate assessment as to if these guys are right for Meredith without really knowing a lot about them.

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