2019 Preview: Five TV trends to watch out for

WatchmenAs we start to get closer to the start of 2019, it becomes all the clearer that there are a number of interesting things to anticipate! Some new TV shows could premiere to big numbers, network strategies may shift, and above all else we do think that there’s going to be even more of a push towards streaming.

But what are five specific trends that we imagine making a big splash in the new year? In this article, we’re going to play prognosticator as we look at things that we image are going to be a very big focus for networks over the next several months — some of them are already on their way.

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1. The reboot trend isn’t dying down – We’ve heard of at least seven or eight different shows that are being considered for revival, and while not all of them may work or even be considered in the long-term networks are still going to be doing what they can to lock some of these shows down in hopes of getting a huge ratings wave that they can cling to.

2. The veteran shows stay put – Are the ratings for NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, and Grey’s Anatomy down? Absolutely, but so long as the networks have their say about it, they’ll keep all of them around for the streaming and syndication money. It’s going to be hard for any show debuting now to capture anywhere near this sort of popularity.

3. The Bandersnatch effect – In the wake of Black Mirror launching their choose-your-own-adventure movie today, be prepared to see some other streaming out there at least attempt something similar where they can leverage their technology and interactivity to create an immersive experience.

4. Networks go big-game hunting – With Game of Thrones ending and with The Walking Dead a shell of its former self, be prepared to see more networks taking huge financial risks for high-concept series and adaptations. Amazon already is looking at Lord of the Rings, while HBO currently has Watchmen, pictured at the top of the article, on their schedule. They will be counting a lot on it to pick up, in part, where the fantasy epic left off.

5. Ownership is key – Be prepared to see even more networks embrace shows that they have sole ownership of as opposed to ones from outside studios. As for where this leaves studios like Sony, who don’t have a comparable network home, to a CBS TV Studios or a Warner Bros. TV, they could have some more trouble.

Ultimately, we’ll see what happens over the next several months — we are excited to learn if any of these trends turn out to be accurate!

What, to you, are some of the most interesting TV trends worth following in 2019? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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