Vikings season 5 ratings slip day after Christmas; episode 16 promo

Vikings season 6 renewalIt goes almost without saying, but Vikings season 5 did suffer a slight dip in the ratings for its episode airing the day after Christmas. As a matter of fact, but episode 15 was the series’ least-watched episode ever in terms of live numbers.

This installment, as a whole, drew a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic (still solid) alongside just over 1.5 million viewers. While we do think more and more viewers are switching over and watching Vikings at this point either streaming or on their DVR, there’s another simple reason for the ratings dip this week — and we’ve already spelled it out. There is just not a huge contingent of people who choose to watch TV around the holidays and many viewers out there may have still be entertaining family on the 26th. Other people out there may have been traveling.

We don’t bring up the series’ performance at all out of concern for the long-term future; we know that there is a season 6 after that. Beyond that, though, the jury is still out (at least publicly) and it doesn’t seem like anyone is in all that much of a hurry to make an announcement.

Given that the next new episode is airing on the other side of the holidays, we’re hoping that there’s some more news coming about its ratings in the future.

Want to know some of what’s next?

The promo below makes it very clear that there are many eventful things coming, whether it be a search for Lagertha or Bjorn doing what he can in order to solidify some of his plans. As excellent as Wednesday’s episode was (and it was very much excellent), we do think that there is still some exceptional stuff coming as Ivar is going to face one of the biggest threats that he has since the start of the series. The question that you have to wonder is whether or not he’s been attentive enough as of late in the midst of fancying himself a god. This is a guy who is so used to planning and strategy and we’ll see precisely where that takes him moving forward into the rest of the season.

Given that there are only five more episodes left this season, you have to expect that the season is going to go big. How could they not with some of the groundwork that has already been laid? If there was ever a time to watch and watch live, this would certainly be it.

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What do you want to see on Vikings season 5 episode 16, and are you surprised at all about the show’s performance? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stay tuned to get even more of the latest news. (Photo: History.)

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