Law & Order: SVU season 20 in 2019: Hopes for Olivia, Rollins, and more

SVU season 20 key artAs we move into the new year, what are some of the things that we’d like to see for the main characters of Law & Order: SVU? In this article, we’re going to do our part to spotlight all of them! You can think of these as story-related New Year’s resolutions, or just little tidbits for Olivia, Carisi, Rollins, Stone, and Fin we’d like to see explored more.

So long as we get some more stories catered to some of these characters to go along with strong, powerful cases, we know that we’ll be in for a great 2019! New episodes return in January, and if you head over to the link here you can get some info about the first one back.

Olivia Benson – We’d like to see some of her issues at home with Noah stabilize, and beyond just that continue to be a stabilizing force for people who need it. Beyond all of that, though, wouldn’t it be nice to see the NYPD as a hold fete Olivia with some sort of ceremony? We know that she’s meant to be somewhat of an unsung hero, but with this being the twentieth season of the show, we’d like a nice little meta-moment to look back at some of what she’s accomplished.

Sonny Carisi – We always enjoy any peek into Carisi’s backstory and family life that we can, mostly because it’s been set up that he has so many relatives and with that, there’s a heck of a lot of good content to explore here. The more we get to see some of that play out, the happier that we’re going to have a chance to be and the more we’ll understand him as a person.

Amanda Rollins – More than anything, that her new baby is born healthy and that she can get the proper time to care for them, while also at least being mentioned in the time she is away. Before maternity leave happens, though, we’re also hoping to get some really exciting, meaty stuff with her and some of the cast. We know that she’s still got some stories coming up!

Fin Tutuola – can we actually see more of where he lives after it’s only recently become more of a factor on the show? We get it in some ways that Fin’s the tough, hard-working cop and you mostly hear about his life outside the force rather than seeing it, but it would be nice to either meet some people he cares about or have a case that really means something to his past.

Peter Stone – His status was challenged significantly near the end of 2018 and going into the new year, we don’t want what he went through to be completely forgotten. While he was proven innocent in the assault, this is still something that may very well change him. Beyond just that, we’d be more than happy to see him touch back more on his father’s legacy.

What do you want to see for all of the Law & Order: SVU characters moving into the new year? Be sure to share below! (Photo: NBC.)

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