Van Helsing season 4 premiere date hopes: When should it be back?

Van Helsing season 2 finaleFollowing tonight’s big season 3 finale on Syfy, do you want some early speculation regarding a Van Helsing season 4 premiere date?

Let’s start of course with the news that the show was already officially greenlit for another batch of episodes! This was first confirmed earlier this month, and with that, there’s nothing to worry about. We did have our concerns prior to the renewal, mostly because the ratings were down once more in live measurements versus season 3. Yet, the network has shown a nice amount of faith in the show and clearly think that there is a little bit more to explore. It certainly tackles a lot of supernatural conflict in an entertaining, unflinching way; that is something we have a hard time thinking will change as season 4 starts to really rev up into high gear.

To go along with the renewal, though is one change worth noting behind the scenes. Jonathan Walker is set to take over the reigns of showrunner from Neil LaBute, and will be responsible for setting things up and making sure that every element of the story is well-executed and entertaining like it’s always been.

In a statement earlier this month (via Deadline) about his new responsibility, Walker had the following to say about both the renewal and also some of the subject matter that is coming up:

“Having been in the writing room on Van Helsing since Season 1 I’m excited to take the reins as showrunner from Neil LaBute … Season 4 will delve deeper into the iconic lore of the vampires and their ultimate goals for this world. New villains will rise along with unexpected heroes joining the fight. We have a fantastic build planned for this season and I’m thrilled to share it with our dedicated fans.”

When will season 4 premiere?

We’re far too early in the process to know an official premiere date for the new season, but there are some clues that can be extracted from elsewhere. For starters, production on the new season will be kicking off fairly early on in the new year, and with that, it’s certainly possible that episodes will premiere around the same time in the fall that they did in 2018. Syfy is not a network that wants there to be a super-long hiatus in between seasons for any of their shows, mostly because they know that this would spell some trouble for them commercially. The longer a show is off the air, the more difficult it is to consistently get viewers to come back. That’s why it’s hard to imagine them waiting too long on a season 4.

Rest assured, we’ll offer more information on a season 4 the moment that it surfaces.

For now, what do you want to see on Van Helsing season 4, and when do you want to get some new episodes on the air? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the attached comments. (Photo: Syfy.)

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