The Blacklist season 6: James Spader talks fluidity of show

The BlacklistGoing into The Blacklist season 6, it is clear that this is going to be a different sort of season than before. After all, the central relationship has been twisted around once more!

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For the better part of season 5, Elizabeth Keen thought Raymond Reddington was her father and most of how she acted was in accordance of that. Now, however, she knows the truth and it’s very much the opposite — he’s an imposter pretending to be Reddington, and she’s going to do everything within her power to get to the bottom of the truth. You can check out more about some of what she’s going to do to get to that truth in the sneak peek over here, but the most notable part of the twist remains this — Reddington is not actually aware of the fact that Liz knows what she knows. He’s still putting on the ruse of Reddington and not being altogether aware of what’s happening on the other side.

No matter what the dynamic between Liz and Reddington is right now, remember that there is always a capacity that it will change even more. For a little bit more news on that, just be sure to check out what James Spader himself told Parade recently:

I have had such great difficulty talking about specifics in our show without revealing things that one should wait to see for themselves. But I will say that the sea change that happened again at the end of last season, the extent of that doesn’t really become clear until the beginning of this season.

By the second or third episode, that sea change really reverses direction or becomes an even larger swell, and it’s a far-reaching fact. I have to be cautious talking about our show, because things are in a constant state of fluidity and turn on a dime, and they continue to do that this season in very surprising ways.

The best way to summarize some of Spader’s comments here is simply this: You may think you know the direction of the show at the moment, but in reality it’s going to twist itself around still in some other exciting ways. We’re on the precipice of an exciting, game-changing season that will feature a more-empowered Liz and a big question to go along with that — what is she going to do with some of the information that she has? She needs to be delicate and careful with what she wants to do moving forward from here if she really wants to figure things out.

The Blacklist season 6 premieres on NBC January 3, and we welcome some of our early thoughts and expectations for it below! (Photo: NBC.)

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