Floribama Shore season 2 episode 21 preview: A door in the face

Floribama ShoreNext week Floribama Shore season 2 episode 21 will be here and there’s one thing worth noting here above all else: We’re near the end of the season. The cast is going to have to say goodbye to the cameras and production and with that, they also need to make sure that they do everything that they want to do … and also say everything that they want to say.

Well, next week’s new episode is going to feature conflict and, to be specific, the continuation of what we saw on the show tonight with Kortni and Nilsa being at odds. The source of the conflict this time around is actually fairly easy to describe — Nilsa is feeling somewhat-frustrated over the fact that Kortni has been getting close to Gus. With that, she understandably wants to speak her mind on it a little bit.

Yet, it feels more like we’re watching the conflict start to simmer rather than it’s catching on fire. The preview doesn’t show a full-on screaming match, as Kortni and Nilsa instead are each off discussing and/or ranting about the situation. Nilsa likes Gus — that much is clear. Meanwhile, she also thinks that Kortni violated some sort of friend-code by being in the same bed as him. This is going to be messy … and it could actually be bloody, given that at one point in the preview we see Nilsa accidentally being hit with a door in the face.

By the end of this episode, maybe this conflict will start to cool off — you definitely do have to hope so, given the fact that the aforementioned finale is right around the corner and that is when everything is really going to start to wrap up. There are a couple of different ways in which MTV and the show’s producers could end this season. They could have a softer ending, something that is all about the relationships that were formed and the memories that some of these people are going to have with each other. Or, they could do something completely crazy that gets people talking and screaming for there to be a season 3. Granted, if they close out the season too contentious, will all of these people really even want to come back for more? (Sure, we understand the temptation for fame is strong, but that doesn’t mean that you actually like it when you have it.)

Odds are, there’s going to be a little bit more going on in this episode than just Nilsa / Gus, but that’s something that we’ll discuss a little bit more down the road.

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