Chicago PD season 6 in 2019: What we want for Halstead, Burgess, & more

Chicago PD season 6As we move further into Chicago PD season 6 in the new year, what should be coming up for all of the core characters? Since there’s plenty of room for all of them to get some sort of spotlight, we want to focus for a minute and what that spotlight episode could contain. We have some suggestions below for your reading pleasure; rest assured, this is just what we want to see and there are no spoilers ahead.

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Hank Voight – Either he needs to find a way out from under Brennan’s thumb, or he’s eventually going to have to pay the piper for some of the things he’s done on the job over the years. It’s hard to imagine that he will continue to be able to escape larger trouble for some of his methods forever, even if he has so far.

Antonio Dawson – Obviously, the first order of business here is to resolve the enormous cliffhanger at the end of the fall finale revolving around the suspect’s death. Beyond that we want to see a real recovery here — as nice as it’d be to rush him back into the field, the writers really need to take their time here.

Jay Halstead – It would be nice to have him find some sort of stable relationship for himself, one that does not require him being uncover. Maybe there’s a future for himself and Upton … but it certainly doesn’t seem to be right now.

Adam Ruzek – Speaking of Upton, these two do need to get on the same page in the long-term. Judging from what we saw on the last episode, it feels like he’s got more of a long-term vested interest in this relationship than she does.

Hailey Upton – We’ve heard a little bit about some of the traumatic stuff that she went through earlier on in her life and at this point, it feels like it would be nice to meet some important people from her past … hopefully, some of the ones who impacted her positively.

Kim Burgess – For Kim moving forward, we’d like to see her do some more uncover work and show off a darker, edgier side than we’ve seen so far this season. While we’ve definitely seen her do some undercover stuff before, but it’s been a little bit less this season.

Kevin Atwater – With Atwater, we’d like to touch back in on the family he sent out of Chicago last season out of fear they would get swallowed up amidst all of the violence. Is the plan for them to really be gone forever, or is there something a little bit different that could transpire here?

Trudy Platt – At this point, we’ll just be happy if she gets to have a big storyline at all given that she’s been off the map in terms of major plots for most of the year.

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What do you want to see moving forward on Chicago PD season 6 for many of your favorite characters? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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