Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie premiere date, trailer revealed

Black MirrorNetflix is bringing you the latest of Black Mirror … and they’re not making you wait long at all to see it!

Today, the streaming giant announced that a new movie, entitled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is coming to the service tomorrow. Yes, that is correct — they released a premiere date and a trailer (CarterMatt has that for you below), for a movie that is coming out in under 24 hours. It’s fairly unusual, but Black Mirror is also a fairly unusual show. It touches on entertainment, technology, and humanity in a way that few others do and with this show Netflix could tell you that it’s being released in an hour and people would drop everything to get to a TV and watch it.

For now, Bandersnatch is not being bundled with some sort of larger Black Mirror season; it could be an appetizer for an upcoming season, or maybe it is a part of Netflix’s plan now to release separate Black Mirror entities throughout the year. As is the case with this show, there is not all that much of an eagerness to hand out a great deal of advance information. These are experiential shows and the idea here is that you aren’t supposed to know a lot about what is going to transpire with them in advance.

As for the story at the core of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the trailer below reveals a young man going to work at a computer-gaming company, only to undercover some larger secrets and hidden connections that cross over into separate mediums. Eventually, the story starts to become immersed in themes of control, of destiny, and wondering how your past impacts your present and future.

Will this movie prove the be the oft-discussed choose-your-own-adventure story that was first teased some time ago? There’s certainly potential for that based on everything that we’ve already spelled out here, and it would make even further sense then as to why Netflix would release it as a separate entity. It gives this product a little bit more power on its own and helps it to be further remembered. No matter what the ending is, it wouldn’t necessarily impact anything else in the greater Black Mirror universe. While many of the episodes are linked in some small way, it is typically through just Easter eggs and references as opposed to the plot of one story directly connecting to others.

On the other side of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, maybe someone at the streaming service will hand out more information on what’s coming up next for the show — that’s at least the hope. Then again, the only reason there was even some awareness that this was coming before today was because of a mistake tweet by an international Netflix account. Had the leak not happened, odds are that this would have been even more of a surprise.

What do you think about the idea of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the trailer, and the fact that Netflix is choosing to announce this at the very last second? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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