Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers leaving Vikings, and is Heahmund gone?

Lagertha and Heahmund VikingsIs Jonathan Rhys Meyers leaving Vikings, and the character of Bishop Heahmund, following the events of Wednesday’s episode?

Going into this season, there was certainly a great deal of conversation about getting Jonathan Rhys Meyers on board the series in a major role. He’s an extremely notable actor, arguably one of the most-famous ones to ever appear on the series. Meanwhile, to go along with that he was also cast in an extremely unique role. Heahmund brought more of the Christian faith to the series but beyond just that, allowed for there to be a man struggling with his duty to his God, his duty as a soldier, and also the feelings that he had for Lagertha. This is not a relationship that was planned out, but it was one that blossomed over time and became one of this season’s most interesting dynamics.

Yet, unfortunately, this relationship has come to a close — as have many others for Katheryn Winnick’s character over the course of this series’ run. Heahmund died in battle on Wednesday night’s new episode, which means once more that Lagertha is going to have to cope with tragedy. This is a character who cannot seem to ever find permanent happiness, but this is one of the reasons to have so much great admiration for her. She is a constant fighter and someone who constantly finds a way to take on almost any struggle put before her. Yet, this is going to be an especially difficult one for her given just how closed-in she has been for most of season 5.

In terms of Vikings losing Jonathan Rhys Meyers, it will leave a void given that he is an exemplary actor well-known for immersing himself into roles. It also means that we lose a little bit of the Christian perspective with the series. We’re sure that Jonathan will go on to some other great things but his absence will alter the show in a number of interesting ways. Yet, we also cannot call it a complete game-changer, or someone who was prominent anywhere near in the way that Ragnar was. Heahmund is still a relatively-new character by most accounts; the main reason why his death is so notable is because of A) the character’s relationship with Lagertha and B) the fact that such a notable actor was playing the part.

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There are still five more episodes to come on Vikings season 5 and with that, we imagine that there will be a good bit more fascinating story to explore.

What do you think about Heahmund’s death on Vikings season 5, and what do you think that it means for the future of the series and Lagertha? Share some of your immediate thoughts and reactions below. (Photo: History.)

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