Madam Secretary season 5: Could Elizabeth’s arrest keep her from Presidency?

Madam Secretary season 4As we get into the second half of Madam Secretary and its 100th episode event, it’s clear that Elizabeth McCord is facing a little bit of peril. After all, she was just arrested after making news over a detention center in Arizona. She recognized that the center was holding children who were separated from their parents and as a means to help change the policy around in the state, she went there alongside Kat Sandoval and also a Mexican ambassador.

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Elizabeth is set to start the 101st episode of the series on January 6 presumably in handcuffs, a different sort of place than she is used to. Yet, she also understood the risks associated with her taking a stand and we have to think that because of that, she really could care less about what’s happened to her. It’s not as though she can be sentenced to some extreme period of jail time over just giving a speech and obstructing some of what the Governor wanted to do in the state.

The more important question to wonder here stems from what Elizabeth wants to do moving forward, which in the end is rather simple: Run for President. She’s already made some of these aspirations clear in a private manner and has done what she can in order to prepare the earliest of the early phases of the run. Typically, the first couple of months of the year before the election are when candidates start to really make their announcements. This means that not too long after the start of the new year, we could see Elizabeth go public with whether or not she wants to pursue the highest office in the land.

Do we think that some voters would hold this arrest against her, or claim that she doesn’t have a firm hold on the law? Sure, but we also feel as though the majority of these people were not going to be altogether interested in voting for her in the first place. These are not people she should pay a particular mind to and instead, she’d be better off using this as a reminder to people that she is tough, she is strong, and she will not back down from a fight. In the end, we actually think that this helps her case more than hurts because it was galvanize supporters.

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Do you think Elizabeth’s arrest on Madam Secretary helps or hurts her cause? Share now in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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