Hawaii Five-0 season 9: Should Junior, Tani get together this season?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16Mrs. Carter: How much should Hawaii Five-0 season 9 move the needle when it comes to Junior and Tani?

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The series has allowed viewers to be in a rather-interesting position when it comes to these characters, mostly in that we’ve got some foresight into what could happen that the characters don’t. Think back to Danny’s dream-sequence episode last year, one that showed the two of them together and happy in the future. Granted, this episode was Danny’s dream and there’s no guarantee that Danny’s dreams are canon; yet, there is something rather cruel about the idea of showing that and then not having it happen for the two.

Also, there’s some pretty-serious chemistry between these two. The end of the heat-wave episode earlier this season is a great example of that. It allowed the two’s relationship to blossom in ways that were funny, dramatic, and romantic all within the span of a single hour; it offered up a vision in the present of what this relationship could look like and it left me wanting more!

Now, I just wonder how much longer the writers are going to wait…

The first major thing to consider here is timing, given that the writers probably don’t want to shoehorn a relationship into a larger story arc. There’s a case for the two to get together this season, but it’s probably not in the immediate future. It feels like there is more buildup that is going to happen here; wouldn’t it be fun to see Steve or Danny almost in the role of relationship counselor to one of them as they start to open up about their feelings? It feels like Tani is someone who may just act on her feelings, while Junior may cautious (perhaps overly so), talking them over and questioning the ethics of the two being together given the dangers of their job. They would handle the lead-up differently and there is something fun about exploring that.

Much of the decision-making here could just come based on how much longer Hawaii Five-0 intends to last. There are zero signs that season 9 will be the last and because of that, there’s at least some reason to think that the writers can be patient. Yet, by season 10 I want to see some movement! You don’t want to drag this on for too long if there are obvious feelings there, given that you want to keep offering viewers something new.

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