Blue Bloods season 9 debate: Should Erin, Anthony ever be together?

Blue Bloods season 9

We wanted to take on the idea of Erin and Anthony in this article today for one simple reason: There has long been interest in the idea of the show exploring it. There is a contingent of fans rooting for the idea, and while it may not be universally-appreciated, we definitely do think that there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there!

The big question that you have to wonder here first and foremost is this: Are there even feelings that the two have for each other? There are some who may view romantic chemistry here, but others who feel more like they are friends. You can maybe make an argument that they are almost an old married couple with the way in which they bicker.

In terms of explicit dialogue, there has not been much that suggests that Anthony does have romantic feelings for Erin or vice-versa. Yet, it is clear that they have affection for each other. They enjoy working together and taking on some of the biggest challenges that New York throws in their direction. It’s not a chore when they have to spend together. You can maybe argue that this could evolve someday into something a little bit greater, but there is no indication that this is coming in the immediate future.

Of course, here is the other important question: Would Blue Bloods ever really do this? A lot of it may depend on how long the series lasts. I do believe that the writers want to see Erin happy at some point in her life and building up a relationship with Anthony is a good way in which to do that. However, there is also an argument you could make here that the writers don’t want to repeat themselves. You already have Jamko as a case of two people who went from working together to being together outside the job. Doing it with Erin and Anthony, as well, could be overkill.

Finally, there’s also the simple notion that Blue Bloods is not primarily a romantic show. It’s never been really designed to be a program that focuses on the romantic relationships between some of its characters; instead, it does its best to put the focus on the police-work and justice side of things. If there are too many office romances, maybe it detracts from that.

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