The Flash season 5 in 2019: Our hopes for Grant Gustin, cast

The FlashAs we prepare to dive into The Flash season 5 in 2019, what do we want to see for Grant Gustin and the cast? This is what we want to highlight here!

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Based on the end of the fall finale, prior to the Elseworlds crossover, there was a lot of interesting story set up across the board. That means that we should have a lot of exciting stuff to get moving into the new year and beyond. We’re looking at all of these characters individually, mostly because we want to ensure that all of them get their proper due.

Barry Allen – It may sound strange, but we actually do want to see more of a rapport between Barry and Cicada before we get to some sort of final showdown. What makes many of the showdowns with villains on this show great are the emotional stakes. However, at this point there really aren’t any since Cicada doesn’t really care all that much about The Flash individually, at least in compared to other meta-humans.

Iris West-Allen – We’re starting to see more of Reporter Iris back on the show, but we still want to see that nurtured and expanded a little bit more. Now that we’re on the other side of some of the conflict with Nora, there is room for expansion here.

Nora West-Allen – This almost goes without saying, but we have to build on some of what we’ve seen with her and Eobard Thawne. We almost need the origin story of that relationship so that we can continue to see some of the tension build around it.

Caitlin Snow – This is a subject matter we’ve resisted for some time, but we actually do think it’s time to play around with the idea of a love interest again. Caitlin shouldn’t be punished as a character because the writers gave her too much, too soon in the early seasons. Beyond that, it’d be fun to play up Killer Frost as the only person capable of battling Cicada.

Ralph Dibny – Just give the man something substantial, given the fact that there really hasn’t been all that much for the man this season. He’s mostly just been the goofy comic relief, though we’re glad that we aren’t getting another five “can Dibny be a hero?” growth stories.

Cisco Ramon – Give him some sort of storyline away from work, given that he does still have some other parts of his life, even after what happened to his brother, that haven’t been touched on in a while. He has a voice and a history that’s different from many other Arrowverse characters.

Sherloque Wells – Continue to play with the idea that he has been on to Nora for a while, and allow this to become an even greater source of tension for the team.

Joe and Cecile West – We’d love to see the two of them working together in some capacity, whether it be serving as a sounding-board for Nora or finding information on Cicada. Of course, first and foremost Jesse L. Martin needs to recover from an injury that has led to him being MIA for most of the season.

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