Grey’s Anatomy season 15 in 2019: What we want from Ellen Pompeo, cast

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6As we get closer to Grey’s Anatomy season 15 airing in the new year, what do we want to see for Ellen Pompeo and the rest of the cast? This is what this very article is all about! There are a lot of characters within the ABC series and of course because of that, we’ve got a lot to wish for within the new year. Consider this, more or less, a guide.

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Meredith Grey – It feels a little bit obvious to say that we hope for a great love for her, but we’re doing it anyway. The two choices at the moment seem to be Link and Deluca, and on paper, we actually do like both of them. Will one of them end up actually being the perfect person for her?

Owen Hunt – For him, we just want him to make a choice and do it quickly — we don’t really think that there’s anything altogether beneficial that comes from him going back and forth on how he wants to handle Teddy’s pregnancy. The sooner that he realizes how he wants to handle it, the better he and everyone else will be.

Amelia Shepherd – Given that she doesn’t have full control of what’s happening with Owen, we’d rather see her focus her energy on trying to care for Betty and develop more of a closer bond there.

Jackson Avery – We just want to understand precisely where his head is at after everything that he’s been through so far this year. This is a season of introspection for him and it seems like a chance for things to be a little more explicit.

Miranda Bailey – At this point, can we just hope for a chance for her to actually relax and find some inner peace? Throughout most of the past several weeks, we’ve seen her really struggle with trying to figure out the best way for her to push forward in her life.

Richard Webber – Deal with the prison crisis head-on and, in the aftermath of that, take whatever consequences come his way. This is a difficult story for him in some ways, but it will be infinitely better for him if he can just remain composed through the process.

Maggie Pierce – While we do understand the interest in the Jackson romance, we’d rather see her do something that is a little bit separate from that for the first part of 2019. Why not give her a fascinating case or introduce a few new wrinkles from her past?

Alex Karev – Can he actually settle in as chief resident, to the point that he becomes rather effective at the job? This may seem in some ways like a tall order, but it would be a rather-nice evolution for this character at this point.

Jo Wilson – Finally, let’s cross our fingers here and hope that some of the rumors about her being able to meet her biological parents on this upcoming season turn out to be true.

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What do you want to see on Grey’s Anatomy season 15 in 2019? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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