Better Call Saul season 5: Should there be another season beyond it?

Better Call SaulBetter Call Saul season 5 is already in the works, at least from a writing point of view. We’re looking forward to filming and, beyond that, we’re certainly looking forward to the show airing. Beyond all of this, though, there is another question to wonder — how far are we away from the end of the series?

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We’re absolutely at an interesting point now with this series, largely due to the fact that Breaking Bad only had five seasons and we’re just about at that point now with the prequel. Would it be unusual if this show somehow lasted longer than the one that it’s based on? In some ways, yes — but the definition of “longer” also varies since you could easily consider the first and second half of Breaking Bad two separate seasons.

Regardless of how long Better Call Saul ends up lasting, it does feel reasonably clear now that this show is starting to look towards its own mortality. It has to, given the fact that Jimmy is now going by Saul Goodman professionally. We’ve seen the journey now of him becoming this character and now, we just have to see how some of his personal life falls apart. That means the likely end of things with Kim Wexler and maybe the distancing of other people in his life. There’s also more to be built up when it comes to his relationship with Mike.

Then, there’s also the Gene of it all — how much of that should you show?

How many more seasons should we have?

We would understand those who wanted to see the show end at five, just so that it and Breaking Bad had the same number of seasons. Yet, for us personally we’re more interested in seeing Better Call Saul make it to six. This way, there’s a chance to tell a more substantial Gene story, something that has been on the top of our wishlist for a long time. We’ll be quick to admit that once we see the storylines of Kim and Nacho wrapped up somewhat in the “main timeline,” we’re not sure how much more we need to see there. We don’t need to see Walt or Jesse on Better Call Saul, given that we’ve already seen that story and we largely understand at this point how Jimmy / Saul ends up meeting them.

Regardless of when Better Call Saul ends, we do hope AMC and the producers have enough notice in advance to give the series the ending it deserves.

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