Counterpart season 2 and the current state of its live ratings

Counterpart renewed

Entering Counterpart season 2 on Starz this year, we had some hope that the live ratings would find a way to improve. After all, the J.K. Simmons series has a great lead-in this time around in Outlander that it didn’t have before. Beyond just that, it also had an opportunity to air less than a year after the season 1 premiere. with that, we at least had a hope that viewers weren’t going to forget about the show.

Yet, in the aftermath of all of this, the ratings are not quite what we were hoping that they would be. Not in the slightest.

Through the first couple of episodes Counterpart season 2 has brought in just under 220,000 live viewers a week, and while that is far from the total estimate of viewers for this show, we were certainly hoping for better numbers. These are down significantly from the viewer totals for season 1, which is surprising just because of this show’s particular high quality.

So what’s happening here? Is it possible that some former live viewers are now watching on DVR or the app? It’s possible, just like there are also some viewers who may not be aware that the show is back on the air just yet. In general, though, one of the big problems with Counterpart and almost every other top-tier series out there is that there is just so much content and only so many hours in a day. It’s becoming increasingly hard for viewers to cram in almost everything that they want to do in a short period of time, especially when there’s so much competition to get distracted by.

Hopefully, the DVR ratings and streams are enough to get the show a season 3, but at present, it’s probably much too early to be thinking about that given that we’re just a handful of episodes into what is a long season. Our hope is that with the holiday season now upon us, that is going to allow for some opportunities for people to catch up and either discover / rediscover the series. This is a time when a lot of TV viewers start to have a little bit more downtime that they did not have previously.

New episodes of Counterpart will continue to air through the end of the month on Starz, leading into the new year. The ratings are a subject that we will address at some point a little bit later down the line.

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