Outlander season 4 and the agony, regret of Stephen Bonnet

Stephen BonnetOutlander season 4 episode 8 is set to premiere on the Starz app in just a matter of hours, and with that, Stephen Bonnet will have another spotlight. This is one of the most despicable characters within the entirety of this story at the moment and based on what’s in the source material, he is far from done doing horrible things. You will see some of it play out on this upcoming episode, but beyond just that, you may also find yourself playing a game of what-if.

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In particular, the what-if aspect of the Bonnet character is what makes his actions all the more frustration. Take, for example, this: What if Jamie and Claire never help him back in the season 4 premiere? Or, what if something different happens between him and Roger? Would that take him off the map entirely going into episode 8? These are interesting discussions to ponder over, and it is something that Richard Rankin himself notes in an interview with Parade:

“What is so agonizing about the whole Stephen Bonnet aspect of the story is every one of these characters has had an opportunity at some point to get in the way of Bonnet and stop that domino effect, that ripple effect of what he then comes to do further on down the line … Which just makes it all the more annoying from an audience perspective, I suppose. He’s just such an interesting bad guy, because he is an utter psychopath, and Ed [Speleers] plays it with this charming, endearing quality which does lure you in. I think it’s fascinating how he does affect each of the characters’ lives separately, as well as together.”

What is so fascinating about this story is that you have a villain who impacts almost every major character’s life in some way, but also separately from one another. They’ve all got this despicable, common foe but they don’t really have a lot of communication with each other on him. That will more than likely change if Roger and Bree make it to Fraser’s Ridge, but even if they do, will they even be able to do anything about Bonnet? The trouble with him is that he’s so nomadic as a character; he’s not always the easiest to track down in terms of getting revenge.

All in all, be prepared for something in Sunday’s episode that makes you hate Bonnet even more than you do.

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