Are The Bachelor contestants forced into awkward limo exits? Not exactly…

Colton UnderwoodIn all of our years covering The Bachelorone of the more cynical things we’ve heard said time and time again is that the limo exits at the start of the season are surely staged. After all, who ever comes up with some of the silly puns, gifts, or costumes that you end up seeing from some of the women?

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In the end, though, the limo exits are a little bit more complicated than you would first assume — and the producers are actually very much involved! Speaking in a new, extensive Entertainment Weekly profile, executive producer Bennett Graebner notes that the women will come to the producers with some ideas, and then they will “workshop” then to figure out the best thing to do. Obviously, producers don’t want multiple contestants all doing the same thing and they want to ensure that every single person who comes on the show is bringing something a little bit different to the table.

When asked if producers force contestants do to anything, Graebner made his response pretty clear:

“Never … Then you’re just asking people to act. I like people to be memorable, but I also want them to be themselves.”

So, basically, think of entrances as a compromise. We imagine that in the real world, maybe 10-15% of the contestants would come up with the weird introductions that they do for this show. Yet, they also are okay with these introductions since otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing them. With Colton as the lead for this coming season (premiering on January 7), you can certainly expect all sorts of weirdness … especially with Colton serving as the lead this time around. There are probably going to be all sorts of corny references to his virginity, mostly due to the fact that this is one of the biggest stories that the ABC series is seemingly selling as we inch ever closer to his premiere. We do also expect a few people to do football stunts, and for some people to of course cross the line and say something that is a little bit too risky for this guy. (As a matter of fact, we can confirm via the profile that at least one contestant had a joke censored due to a network rep that found it a little too adult for ABC’s demographic.)

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