Should Survivor season 40 be an all-winners season? A debate

Survivor season 36Is there a case for a good Survivor season featuring just winners? It is something that we have certainly thought about extensively over the past several years. The appeal of it is pretty simple. These are some of the game’s most known players, and it makes a certain degree of sent to put them all on a single season. Some really great winners, like Yul Kown, we haven’t seen in some time. Meanwhile, some others just so happened to be incredibly entertaining people, like Tony Vlachos from Survivor: Cagayan.

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So, is season 40 really the best opportunity that there is in order to do this season? In terms of timing, it absolutely does make a certain degree of sense. It is a milestone year and with that, it is an opportunity to really celebrate the entirely of the show. You can get so many different people out there who you love and appreciate, and with that, you may be able to bring in some nostalgic viewers who remember the early seasons and haven’t watched as much since.

Of course, there are also some pretty obvious downsides to choosing to do this sort of season. For starters, there is the question as to whether or not you can actually get everyone you want on board. There are some winners, including Boston Rob, who have said in the past that they are retired and uninterested in coming back for more. There are others, such as Richard Hatch, who have seemingly been off the radar of Survivor for a while for a number of reasons, including some separate from the show itself. There are a certain number of winners who just feel like they absolutely have to be there, and it is hard to imagine the show without them. Parvati Shallow could be one of these people, and clearly many of the other winners we have suggested here are. Personally, Kim Spradlin is one of our favorite Survivor players ever, though we’re not entirely as sure that she would be a must-have for a more casual fan of the show.

Even if everyone you want is on board, will their schedules align? That’s something else to think about. With so many winners, though, at the time in which season 40 happens, at least there’s some flexibility. The good news is that there’s at least a little more time for the producers to finalize their plans … but maybe not too much time, given that a season 40 would film at some point next year and there will need to be plans and casting in place in advance.

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